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February 18, 2014

What Makes Us Different

Nav Parhar - Blog Avatar - Real Estate Lawyer Victoria BC
Nav Parhar

The mere mention of a lawyer evokes any number of stereotypes.  Some lawyers are apparently “smart”, “wealthy”, and “wonderful”, while others are “arrogant”, “condescending”, and “terrible”.  I’ve heard it all.

Personally, I have never seen a lawyer running after an ambulance, nor one that closely resembles a reptile, yet I’m told they exist.  However, I have likely heard every lawyer joke there is, and may have even come up a few of my own.  That, after all, is part of the job when it comes to this Centuries-old profession.

Since the creation of Infinity Law just over one year ago, I’ve been asked countless times what we are all about.  What do we do?  Why should someone retain us?  And most importantly, how are we different than the law firm down the street or up the elevator?  I’m here to tell you about what makes us different.

I shudder to think that at the age of 35, I am already coming up on a decade in this profession.  In that time, I have worked at a number of law firms and on hundreds of matters. I have met countless lawyers, some of whom I remember fondly and others who I wish I could forget.  I don’t mean that out of disrespect to the profession.  Rather, our profession is just like any other segment of society in that you will encounter some individuals that you instantly gravitate toward, and some individuals that will send you in the opposite direction.  Add to the mix the prerequisite “Type A” personality and the staunch belief that I am right and the other side is wrong, and you have our profession in a nutshell.

When Infinity was born and I took on the role of Managing Partner, I looked to use my past experiences in creating something unique, something that broke the mould.  We aren’t trying to change the profession or the world.  Rather, we want to start by creating a reputation, atmosphere and persona that leaves our clients, business partners, family and friends with a sense of pride -  pride in our team, and pride in the quality of work that we do for those who trust us with their lives and livelihoods.

How do we intend to accomplish our goals?  To answer this question, I look no further than the members of our team and how they are more than just a suit behind a desk.  We have people like me and Mark Norton who are sports junkies, and Seth Cooper, who brews beer and tinkers with vintage electronics in his spare time.  Lou Webster works his family farm, Andrew Rafuse is obsessed with Central American language and culture, and calling Keyvan Shojania a “socialite” would be an understatement.  Perhaps most important, our support staff is second to none.

We are real people with real lives and real personalities, and we infuse these traits into the way we work with our clients.  We consider our relationship with our clients a partnership, not a dictatorship.  It is that partnership that helps us secure the results that our clients deserve.    

So what, you ask, makes us different?  That’s easy – our people.

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